How to Use Little Tests for Big Career Wins

How did I increase interest in my book by 82.5% with a two-line email?
How did a company eliminate 95% of resume spam by adding one tiny step?
How did a kid at a lemonade stand boost his profits 8x simply by changing his clothes?

By testing.

And you can use little tests to achieve similar results in your job search, too.

Compare this to whiners who send out 2,000 resumes without getting results, then blame it on the economy. They never ran a damned test in their life.

I’ve created a 34-minute presentation showing you how to do it. In it, you’ll find never-before-released material, including:

  • How I achieved that 82.5% jump in interest in my book (and created the Ramit 1-2 Punch in the process)
  • The barriers that keep most people from testing
  • Strategies for getting rapid feedback on your tests
  • The 3 things you need to do to test successfully (and start today)

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"Many people are convinced they can't afford to make a career change, but there are several strategies to make it a financial reality. Testing a new job on the side and following Mr. Sethi's advice to become more profitable are two."