Clients that Pay More and
Value Your Work

How do you get your clients invested enough to A) Pay higher prices and B) Be invested enough to value your services?

By asking them to invest in you first. The best way to find out if a client is serious is to give them some “prework.” This could be an application process, a survey, or an intake form.

This filters out the clients that aren’t ready to invest the time to work with you. If they don’t want to take the time now to fill out a simple survey, why would they take the time to follow your advice later?

Here’s a sample intake form from my Earn1K course:

How to spot a problem customer — instantly

This is part of an actual questionnaire one of our instructors uses for new consulting projects. You can adapt this list of 25+ questions to your business and filter out clients that will be difficult to work with — leaving you the most dedicated customers who value what you do.

Not only that, it gives you valuable information about your client that can help you make your work stand-out.

Download the
Sample Consulting Questionnaire now.

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