Meet Ben, the circus performer who went from no idea to taking control of his income

Case study quick wins:

  • About Ben: Ben was a circus performer who was making minimum wage and had no idea how to start making money on the side.

  • How he used Earn1K: Ben identified his unique skillset and found a profitable idea teaching men how to approach women on the dance floor.

  • Results: Ben took control of his own income and earning potential and even landed national media spots on Good Morning America and Fox News.

“I don't have to rely on someone
else to provide income, I can
create it myself”

Ben, a circus performer, didn’t think he had any marketable skills. He had tried to create a side business in the past but couldn’t land a single client.

On paper, he didn’t seem to have the “credentials” needed to succeed:

  • philosophy major
  • circus performer
  • earning minimum wage

He had no idea how to identify a skill that someone else would pay for. See the subtle mindset change he made and how joking around with friends led to his “aha” moment:

“I should just be thankful that I even have a job”

Ben saw his friends making money and taking lavish vacations and thought that he wasn’t the “type of person” who could make money on the side.

He felt that as a philosophy major and circus performer that his income was out of his control and there was nothing he could do.

The worst part is, he actively looked for excuses to stay stagnant like the economy and his industry. Even when the opportunity presented itself to make a change, he almost didn’t take it. See why:

A unique skill set

Ben learned quickly that making money on the side isn’t about “credentials,” but rather providing a valuable service to other people.

He uncovered an odd, but valuable skill he could teach other men — how to approach women on the dance floor.

Even with the perfect idea, Ben still didn’t know exactly how to make money. Check out the early mistakes he made when finding clients:

“It felt like a super power”

Once Ben discovered he was in control of his own earning power, things shifted dramatically. His unique dance instruction grew in popularity and he even caught the eye of national media.

“I had Good Morning America hound me on every email address I ever had, every online account, my work number, everything saying we have to speak to Ben right now.”

— Ben W.

Listen in to hear where Ben is now and the dramatic difference in his outlook:

Through Earn1K, Ben was able to take control of his own destiny instead of waiting for success to come to him.

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