How to make money on the side
with an irresistible pitch

I want to show you the Briefcase Technique, the step-by-step strategy thousands of students have used to land paying projects. Because it can make the difference between massive success... and almost succeeding.

I just paid $1,000 of my own money for the best pitch from my readers. These people were SO CLOSE — but lost out on $1,000 because they didn’t take this simple step.

Each of these pitches could’ve won if they’d SHOWED instead of TELLING

WHAT HE SAID: “I'm still unemployed and looking for a good job.... I can help you in transcribing your work... Maybe you'll reject me.”

WHAT HE COULD’VE SAID: “Ramit, I’ll help you save time and add value for your readers by transcribing your videos and course material. Here’s an example, from your ____ video.”

* * *

WHAT SHE SAID: “Know exactly what's next [for IWT Fit]? Researching the psychology behind fitness [and figuring out which supplements and exercises work].... takes time.... I'll save you time by curating it all for you.”

WHAT SHE COULD’VE SAID: “Ramit, I’ve put together some of the biggest advances in the psychology behind fitness to help make IWT Fit even more effective and boost membership. [INSERT SUMMARY OF WHAT I NEED TO KNOW/CHANGE]”

* * *

WHAT SHE SAID: “I can help bring better order, clarity and ideas through visuals for your products and free tools... so you can concentrate on building your ideas and content.”

WHAT SHE COULD’VE SAID: “I want to help your ideas stand out through visuals, to make your content more appealing and free up your time. I’ve attached a redesigned page for your _____ here.”

In just 2-minutes, I’ll show you how to stand out and WIN, including:

  • How to get inside your prospect’s head — and land a paid gig on the first meeting
  • Which 1-page document makes your pitch irresistible
  • The fastest way to separate yourself from 99% of the competition, even if you’re under-qualified
  • How to spend less time pitching clients and more time making money

— Ramit